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Hua Hin Tourist Information.

Hua Hin is one of the oldest beach resort towns in Thailand, and is widely popular amongst Thais and foreigners alike, especially Bangkok residents travel in mass to Hua Hin in the Weekends and on holidays. Hua Hin is located in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula, some 220 km south of Bangkok in the Prachuapkirikhan province. Hua Hin has a registered population of around 85.000 people, but in the tourist high season more than twice this amount will be in the area. Hua Hin’s main beach is a 4 km long sandy beach that stretches from the town centre to Khao Takiap. As a result it is never over-crowded, and offers some family-friendly activities like pony rides, banana boat rides etc. Small beach side restaurants offer good food, deckchairs and umbrellas. The town’s name – meaning ‘stone head’ – is derived from the rock formations that can be seen towards the end of the main beach in the area called Khao Takiap. Hua Hin is also one of the beach resort towns in Thailand with the lowest amount of rain fall per year, so even in the rainy season the weather is very good and constant, normally with sunny days with just some rain in the afternoon. Hua Hin offers all that you need, you can find excellent sea food and local Thai food restaurants, or if you want foreign food, the city has more than plenty to choose from, everything from french, Italian, Japanese to Scandinavian restaurants. For shopping, you can choose to go to several of the local markets or the famous night market or you can visit the Market Village Shopping Center, which have many modern shops to choose from. Hua Hin even has a supermarket with foreign food products, called the Villa Market where you can buy many of your home countries delicacies. For entertainment there are plenty of pubs & bars in the downtown area, the Hilton Brewery is a famous place if you want to out dance and have a good time, but you can also find shows with traditional Thai dance & Thai theatre, if you want to experience some Thai culture. For sports, Hua Hin offers plenty of options especially for golfers, Hua Hin has 8 international golf courses within a 25 min. drive and several other lesser known golf courses. Hua Hin is also famous for parasurfing as the long shallow watered Hua Hin beach and the almost constant wind or sea breeze makes it an ideal placer parasurfing, even the world cup has been held here. There is reason why the Thai royalty chose Hua Hin as their favorite beach resort area, the climate and the atmosphere is truly unique and this is truly a place “far from worries”. For more comprehensive information about Hua Hin go to our Hua Hin tourist information page.


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